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    Add a public header for the version number · 18a770c8
    Neil Roberts authored
    This adds a public header so that applications can get the Wayland
    version number at compile time. This can be used to make applications
    that support compiling against multiple versions of Wayland.
    There is a separate installed header called cogl-version.h which gets
    included by both wayland-client.h and wayland-server.h
    The canonical place for the version number is the configure.ac script
    which splits it into three separate m4 defines for the major, minor
    and micro version. These are copied into the generated
    wayland-version.h header using AC_SUBST. There is also a string form
    of the complete version number.
    The version number is now also automatically copied into the two .pc
    Because the major, minor and micro parts are required it is no longer
    possible to leave the version number as 'master' when building from
    git. Most projects seem to immediately bump the git repo to a fake
    version number (usually odd) after making a release so that there is
    always a relative number that can be used for comparison. This patch
    sets the git version to 0.99.0 under the assumption that the next
    release will be 1.0.0.
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