Commit 2398378c authored by Kenny Levinsen's avatar Kenny Levinsen Committed by Simon Ser
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viewport: Remove mention of wl_surface.attach x/y

This paragraph contains an incomplete definition of how
wl_surface.attach x/y arguments functions, and makes no reference to the
similar wl_surface.offset.

The paragraph states that there is no effect on the behavior of
wl_surface.attach. Rather than elaborating on its definition and adding
wl_surface.offset, remove the paragraph and let their definition be up
to wl_surface itself.
Signed-off-by: Kenny Levinsen's avatarKenny Levinsen <>
parent 9b25b514
......@@ -111,12 +111,6 @@
when the surface state is applied. A NULL wl_buffer does not raise the
out_of_buffer error.
The x, y arguments of wl_surface.attach are applied as normal to
the surface. They indicate how many pixels to remove from the
surface size from the left and the top. In other words, they are
still in the surface-local coordinate system, just like dst_width
and dst_height are.
If the wl_surface associated with the wp_viewport is destroyed,
all wp_viewport requests except 'destroy' raise the protocol error
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