Commit 9d238d73 authored by Jakob Bornecrantz's avatar Jakob Bornecrantz Committed by Jakob Bornecrantz

xrt: Refactor mesh distortion fields

parent cdafcda6
......@@ -153,16 +153,22 @@ struct xrt_hmd_parts
//! Data.
float *data;
float *vertices;
//! Number of vertices.
size_t num_vertices;
//! Stride of vertices
size_t stride;
//! 1 or 3 for (chromatic aberration).
size_t num_uv_channels;
//! Number of vertices.
size_t num_vertex;
//! Indices, for triangle strip.
int *indices;
//! Number of indices for the triangle strip.
size_t num_indices[2];
//! Offsets for the indices.
size_t offset_indices[2];
//! Total number of indices.
size_t total_num_indices;
} mesh;
} distortion;
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