libliftoff v0.4.0

Simon Ser (34):
      build: bump version to 0.4.0-dev
      Switch to kernel-doc style references in comments
      readme: indicate which compositors use the library
      readme: disambiguate short description a bit
      build: override Meson dependency
      build: remove unnecessary version param in pkgconfig.generate()
      build: set pkg-config URL
      test/libdrm_mock: add helpers to convert from/to object index
      test/libdrm_mock: implement drmModeGetFB2()
      test/libdrm_mock: implement drmCloseBufferHandle() stub
      Stop re-using a previous configuration when FB attributes change
      test: add dynamic@change-fb-modifier
      Add API to query candidate planes
      test/libdrm_mock: add liftoff_mock_plane_get_id()
      test: add basic test for candidate planes
      test/libdrm_mock: take initial prop value as separate arg
      test/libdrm_mock: add stub blob functions
      alloc: check FB format and modifier
      test: add liftoff_mock_plane_add_in_formats()
      test: add IN_FORMATS test
      plane: store drmModePropertyRes
      plane: check IMMUTABLE flag in plane_set_prop()
      plane: check value for range/enum/bitmask properties
      test/prop: simplify by introducing commit() function
      test/prop: add range/enum/bitmask tests
      Add missing braces for code style
      Fix disabled layers forcing realloc
      Log reason why a previous allocation is not re-used
      editorconfig: increase max line length to 100
      Turn on -Wdeclaration-after-statement
      Add gcovr.cfg
      Turn on -Wfloat-conversion
      Turn on -Wsign-conversion
      build: bump version to 0.4.0