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    ulpfecdec: output perfect seqnums · 90f5ae8f
    Mathieu Duponchelle authored
    ULP FEC, as defined in RFC 5109, has the protected and protection
    packets sharing the same ssrc, and a different payload type, and
    implies rewriting the seqnums of the protected stream when encoding
    the protection packets. This has the unfortunate drawback of not
    being able to tell whether a lost packet was a protection packet.
    rtpbasedepayload relies on gaps in the seqnums to set the DISCONT
    flag on buffers it outputs. Before that commit, this created two
    * The protection packets don't make it as far as the depayloader,
      which means it will mark buffers as DISCONT every time the previous
      packets were protected
    * While we could work around the previous issue by looking at
      the protection packets ignored and dropped in rtpptdemux, we
      would still mark buffers as DISCONT when a FEC packet was lost,
      as we cannot know that it was indeed a FEC packet, even though
      this should have no impact on the decoding of the stream
    With this commit, we consider that when using ULPFEC, gaps in
    the seqnums are not a reliable indicator of whether buffers should
    be marked as DISCONT or not, and thus rewrite the seqnums on
    the decoding side as well to form a perfect sequence, this
    obviously doesn't prevent the jitterbuffer from doing its job
    as the ulpfec decoder is downstream from it.