1. 19 May, 2011 4 commits
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      docs: update plugin introspection data · aff7701f
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      Now more files are merged and produced in a canonical fashion, which hopefully
      creates less or no delta in the future.
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      Automatic update of common submodule · 7105ead6
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      From 9e5bbd5 to 69b981f
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      qtdemux: add missing break · 9f3ae324
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      deinterlace: Add support for deinterlacing using buffer caps/flags · c1b100cf
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      When not using the fieldanalysis element immediately upstream of deinterlace,
      behaviour should remain unchanged. fieldanalysis will set the caps and flags on
      the buffers such that they can be interpreted and acted upon to produce
      progressive output.
      There are two main modes of operation:
      - Passive pattern locking
        Passive pattern locking is a non-blocking, low-latency mode of operation that
        is suitable for close-to-live usage. Initially a telecine stream will be
        output as variable framerate with naïve timestamp adjustment. With each
        incoming buffer, an attempt is made to lock onto a pattern. When a lock is
        obtained, the src pad and output buffer caps will reflect the pattern and
        timestamps will be accurately interpolated between pattern repeats. This
        means that initially and at pattern transitions there will be short periods
        of inaccurate timestamping.
      - Active pattern locking
        Active pattern locking is a blocking, high-latency mode of operation that is
        targeted at use-cases where timestamp accuracy is paramount. Buffers will be
        queued until enough are present to make a lock. When locked, timestamps will
        be accurately interpolated between pattern repeats. Orphan fields can be
        dropped or deinterlaced. If no lock can be obtained, a single field might be
        pushed through to be deinterlaced.
      Locking can also be disabled or 'auto' chooses between passive and active
      locking modes depending on whether upstream is live.
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