Commit eb307baf authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge 🍵

qtmux: Error out immediately if a timecode is to be written but downstream return not-OK

parent 1e4cdc6d
......@@ -3215,9 +3215,11 @@ gst_qt_mux_add_buffer (GstQTMux * qtmux, GstQTPad * pad, GstBuffer * buf)
buf = pad->prepare_buf_func (pad, buf, qtmux);
last_buf = pad->last_buf;
ret = gst_qt_mux_check_and_update_timecode (qtmux, pad, buf, ret);
if (ret != GST_FLOW_OK)
return ret;
last_buf = pad->last_buf;
if (last_buf == NULL) {
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