Commit d72a2fb6 authored by Edward Hervey's avatar Edward Hervey 🤘
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videomixer: Don't return caps in get_caps() that will be rejected

This commit basically puts _get_caps() in sync with accept_caps().

If we don't have a master pad OR the master pad caps aren't negotiated
then we just return the downstream allowed caps.

If we have a master pad with negotiated caps, we return those caps
with a free range of width/height/framerate
parent 5072c476
......@@ -380,8 +380,7 @@ gst_videomixer_pad_sink_getcaps (GstPad * pad)
GstVideoMixer *mix;
GstVideoMixerPad *mixpad;
GstCaps *res = NULL;
GstCaps *tmp;
int ncaps, i;
GstCaps *mastercaps;
GstStructure *st;
mix = GST_VIDEO_MIXER (gst_pad_get_parent (pad));
......@@ -390,41 +389,36 @@ gst_videomixer_pad_sink_getcaps (GstPad * pad)
if (!mixpad)
goto beach;
tmp = gst_pad_peer_get_caps (mix->srcpad);
if (G_UNLIKELY (tmp == NULL)) {
/* If no peer, then return template */
res = gst_caps_copy (gst_pad_get_pad_template_caps (pad));
/* Get downstream allowed caps */
res = gst_pad_get_allowed_caps (mix->srcpad);
/* Return as-is if not other sinkpad set as master */
if (mix->master == NULL) {
goto beach;
/* Intersect with template caps, downstream might be returning formats
* or width/height/framerate/par combinations we don't handle */
res = gst_caps_intersect (tmp, gst_pad_get_pad_template_caps (pad));
gst_caps_unref (tmp);
mastercaps = gst_pad_get_fixed_caps_func (GST_PAD (mix->master));
ncaps = gst_caps_get_size (res);
/* If master pad caps aren't negotiated yet, return downstream
* allowed caps */
if (!GST_CAPS_IS_SIMPLE (mastercaps)) {
gst_caps_unref (mastercaps);
goto beach;
/* This Upstream can only produce:
* * The formats that downstream can do (intersected above)
* * The PAR that downstream can do
* * Width within the maximum of what downstream can do
* * Height within the maximum of what downstream can do
* * a framerate at least greater than what downstream can do */
gst_caps_unref (res);
res = gst_caps_make_writable (mastercaps);
st = gst_caps_get_structure (res, 0);
gst_structure_set (st, "width", GST_TYPE_INT_RANGE, 1, G_MAXINT,
"framerate", GST_TYPE_FRACTION_RANGE, 0, 1, G_MAXINT, 1, NULL);
if (!gst_structure_has_field (st, "pixel-aspect-ratio"))
gst_structure_set (st, "pixel-aspect-ratio", GST_TYPE_FRACTION, 1, 1, NULL);
if (mix->out_width) {
/* If we already have some configured with/height/framerate/par,
* then limit the returned caps */
for (i = 0; i < ncaps; i++) {
st = gst_caps_get_structure (res, i);
gst_structure_set (st,
"width", GST_TYPE_INT_RANGE, mix->in_width, G_MAXINT32,
"height", GST_TYPE_INT_RANGE, mix->in_height, G_MAXINT32,
"framerate", GST_TYPE_FRACTION_RANGE, mix->fps_n, mix->fps_d,
G_MAXINT32, 1, "pixel-aspect-ratio", GST_TYPE_FRACTION, mix->par_n,
mix->par_d, NULL);
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