Commit cf584105 authored by Jan Schmidt's avatar Jan Schmidt
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pulsesink: Convert an erroneous assertion

Occasionally, we get a change callback for an old stream, triggering
the assertion unnecessarily. Just ignore such callbacks.
parent ca25de8f
......@@ -1516,8 +1516,10 @@ gst_pulsesink_sink_input_info_cb (pa_context * c, const pa_sink_input_info * i,
if (!pbuf->stream)
goto done;
g_assert (i->index == pa_stream_get_index (pbuf->stream));
/* If the index doesn't match our current stream,
* it implies we just recreated the stream (caps change)
if (i->index == pa_stream_get_index (pbuf->stream))
psink->volume = pa_sw_volume_to_linear (pa_cvolume_max (&i->volume));
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