Commit 9d82e86c authored by Thomas Vander Stichele's avatar Thomas Vander Stichele
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element renamed

Original commit message from CVS:
element renamed
parent e7fba744
......@@ -272,7 +272,7 @@ test_taglib_id3mux_with_tags (GstTagList * tags, guint32 mask)
fakesrc = gst_element_factory_make ("fakesrc", "fakesrc");
g_assert (fakesrc != NULL);
id3mux = gst_element_factory_make ("tagid3v2mux", "tagid3v2mux");
id3mux = gst_element_factory_make ("id3v2mux", "id3v2mux");
g_assert (id3mux != NULL);
id3demux = gst_element_factory_make ("id3demux", "id3demux");
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