Commit 74c93b8f authored by Vincent Penquerc'h's avatar Vincent Penquerc'h

speexdec: remove dead code

fpp can never equal 0 here, or the loop would not execute at all.
Zero fpp was possible before as the loop condition was allowing
it specifically, but no more.

Coverity 1139681
parent 81d2e933
......@@ -419,13 +419,7 @@ gst_speex_dec_parse_data (GstSpeexDec * dec, GstBuffer * buf)
if (ret == -1) {
/* uh? end of stream */
if (fpp == 0 && speex_bits_remaining (bits) < 8) {
/* if we did not know how many frames to expect, then we get this
at the end if there are leftover bits to pad to the next byte */
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (dec, "Discarding leftover bits");
} else {
GST_WARNING_OBJECT (dec, "Unexpected end of stream found");
GST_WARNING_OBJECT (dec, "Unexpected end of stream found");
corrupted = TRUE;
} else if (ret == -2) {
GST_WARNING_OBJECT (dec, "Decoding error: corrupted stream?");
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