Commit 31c26a45 authored by Mark Nauwelaerts's avatar Mark Nauwelaerts Committed by Tim-Philipp Müller
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qtmux: also track original PTS buffer timestamp in reorder dts-method

parent 0a884e56
......@@ -2028,6 +2028,8 @@ gst_qt_mux_get_asc_buffer_ts (GstQTMux * qtmux, GstQTPad * pad, GstBuffer * buf)
pad->buf_entries[pad->buf_head++] = NULL;
pad->buf_head %= wrap;
buf = gst_buffer_make_metadata_writable (buf);
/* track original ts (= pts ?) for later */
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (qtmux, "next buffer uses reordered ts %" GST_TIME_FORMAT,
......@@ -2105,7 +2107,7 @@ again:
* - collect some buffers and re-order timestamp,
* then process the oldest buffer with smallest timestamps.
* This should typically compensate for some codec's handywork with ts.
* ... but in case this makes ts end up where not expected:
* ... but in case this makes ts end up where not expected, in DTS_METHOD_ASC:
* - keep each ts with its buffer and still keep a list of most recent X ts,
* use the (ascending) minimum of those as DTS (and the difference as ts delta),
* and use this DTS as a basis to obtain a (positive) CTS offset.
......@@ -2273,7 +2275,9 @@ again:
if ((pad->have_dts || qtmux->guess_pts) && pad->is_out_of_order) {
guint64 pts;
pts = gst_util_uint64_scale_round (GST_BUFFER_TIMESTAMP (last_buf),
pts = qtmux->dts_method == DTS_METHOD_REORDER ?
pts = gst_util_uint64_scale_round (pts,
atom_trak_get_timescale (pad->trak), GST_SECOND);
pts_offset = (gint64) (pts - last_dts);
do_pts = TRUE;
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