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souphttpsrc: use status code macro instead of 407

Rest of the code is using the _PROXY_AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED
macro too. Easier to understand if you don't recall HTTP
error codes by heart.
parent ac7d3463
......@@ -745,7 +745,8 @@ gst_soup_http_src_got_headers_cb (SoupMessage * msg, GstSoupHTTPSrc * src)
soup_message_headers_foreach (msg->response_headers,
gst_soup_http_src_headers_foreach, src);
if (msg->status_code == 407 && src->proxy_id && src->proxy_pw)
src->proxy_id && src->proxy_pw)
if (src->automatic_redirect && SOUP_STATUS_IS_REDIRECTION (msg->status_code)) {
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