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    qtdemux: When using a buffered mdat, store all received data for later use · 0e78ffc9
    Thiago Santos authored
    In push mode, when qtdemux can't use a seek to skip the mdat buffer it has
    to buffer it for later use.
    The issue is that after parsing the next moov/moof, there might be some
    trailing bytes from the next atom in the file. This data was being discarded
    along with the already parsed moov/moof and playback would fail to continue
    after the contents of this moov/moof are played.
    This is particularly bad on fragmented files that have the mdat before the
    corresponding moof. So you'd get:
    mdat|moof|mdat|moof ...
    When a moof was received, it usually came with some extra bytes that would
    belong to the next mdat (because upstream doesn't care about atoms alignment).
    So those bytes were being discarded and playback would fail.
    This patch makes qtdemux store those extra bytes to reuse them later after the
    mdat is emptied.
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