Commit c27477a4 authored by Eduardo Lima Mitev's avatar Eduardo Lima Mitev

WIP: Add new report tool for Freedreno

Written in a single C file with no dependencies (outside libc).

The existing doesn't handle out-of-order results.
That forces single thread runs which add a significant delay to
the workflow.

It also doesn't handle new reported stats (ss, sy and max_sun).

Why not update existing python tool?
a) Python not my lingua-franca.
b) Avoid reinforcing an (arguably) unneeded dependency (python).
c) The tool will (arguably) run faster.
parent 2809d09a
......@@ -26,12 +26,14 @@ LDLIBS = -lepoxy -lgbm
INTEL_STUB_CFLAGS = -g -fPIC -shared -Wall `pkg-config libdrm_intel --cflags`
all: run
all: run fd-report intel_stub.c
rm -f run
rm -f run fd-report
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