Commit fb918101 authored by Eduardo Lima Mitev's avatar Eduardo Lima Mitev
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freedreno/a6xx: Silence compiler warnings

util_format_compose_swizzles() expects 'const unsigned char' and we
are feeding it 'char'.
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......@@ -444,13 +444,15 @@ fd6_tex_swiz(struct pipe_resource *prsc, enum pipe_format format,
uint32_t swap = fd6_pipe2swap(format);
unsigned char swiz[4];
char uswiz[4] = { swizzle_r, swizzle_g, swizzle_b, swizzle_a };
const unsigned char uswiz[4] = {
swizzle_r, swizzle_g, swizzle_b, swizzle_a
/* Gallium expects stencil sampler to return (s,s,s,s), so massage
* the swizzle to do so.
if ((format == PIPE_FORMAT_X24S8_UINT)) {
char stencil_swiz[4] = {
const unsigned char stencil_swiz[4] = {
util_format_compose_swizzles(stencil_swiz, uswiz, swiz);
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