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WirePlumber is a session / policy manager implementation for
# Compiling and Running
## Dependencies
In order to compile WirePlumber you will need:
* GLib >= 2.58
* PipeWire 0.3 (master)
At the moment, due to heavy development of both PipeWire and WirePlumber,
it is not always the case that the latest master of WirePlumber works with the
latest master of PipeWire. The safest PipeWire branch to use with WirePlumber
master is the `agl-next` branch from
[my personal clone](
## Compilation
WirePlumber uses the meson build system. For compatibility and ease of use,
though, a Makefile is also provided. The Makefile works only after the initial
configuration of the project with meson.
Here is the very basic sequence of compiling for the first time:
$ meson build
$ make
## Running automated tests
WirePlumber has a few automated tests that you can easily run with:
$ make test
## Running
1. First of all, you will need to run PipeWire. PipeWire itself comes with
an example session manager that you will need to disable in order to run
WirePlumber. This can be achieved by editing `src/daemon/`
on the PipeWire git tree to disable the execution of the session manager:
diff --git a/src/daemon/ b/src/daemon/
index bf64c574..e733e76c 100644
--- a/src/daemon/
+++ b/src/daemon/
@@ -24,4 +24,4 @@ load-module libpipewire-module-access
load-module libpipewire-module-adapter
load-module libpipewire-module-link-factory
load-module libpipewire-module-session-manager
-exec build/src/examples/media-session
+#exec build/src/examples/media-session
2. Second, you will need to run pipewire: in the **pipewire** source tree, do `make run`
3. Without stopping pipewire, in the **wireplumber** source tree, do `make run`
## Testing with an audio client
The easiest way to test that things are working is to start a gstreamer pipeline
that outputs a test sound to pipewire.
In the **pipewire** source tree, do:
$ make shell
$ gst-launch-1.0 audiotestsrc ! pwaudiosink
Note that `pwaudiosink` is currently only available in the `agl-next` branch.
## Debugging
The Makefile included with WirePlumber also supports the `gdb` and `valgrind`
targets. So, instead of `make run` you can do `make gdb` or `make valgrind`
to do some debugging.
Getting debug messages on the command line is a matter of setting the
`G_MESSAGES_DEBUG` environment variable as documented in the GLib documentation.
Usually you can just do:
G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all make run
Note that this only gives out WirePlumber's debug messages. If you want to also
see *libpipewire*'s debug messages, then you can also set:
... where `PIPEWIRE_DEBUG` can be set to a value between 1 and 5, with 5 being the
most verbose and 1 the least verbose.
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