1. 17 Jun, 2014 1 commit
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      Paritially revert "lib: add missing includes to headers" · 13b3e5f3
      Daniel Vetter authored
      This reinstates the #includes for lib/debug.h since without that the
      shader debugger fails to build. You need to manually enable it with
      ./autogen.sh --enable-shader-debugger and the fail only happens when
      running a clean build with
      $ git clean -dfx && ./autogen.sh --enable-shader-debugger && make
      I have no idea what breaks, but this restores the build.
      Reported by Ben Widawsky.
      Signed-off-by: Daniel Vetter's avatarDaniel Vetter <daniel.vetter@ffwll.ch>
  2. 16 Jun, 2014 1 commit
  3. 28 Jul, 2011 1 commit
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      intel-gpu-tools/debugging: shader debugger · 62873796
      Ben Widawsky authored
      high level summary of the files:
        * debug_rdata - get current state from debug registers. Helpful
          when developing the debugger, and could serve some purpose in the
        * eudb - the debugger itself
        * eviction_macro - generate the proper macro to flush the EU render
          cache until I get control flow working
        * pre_cpp - an evaluating c preprocesser like thing, to be used before
        * sr - the system routine, exception handler which runs on the EU
        * test - a very basic test system routine
        * debug.h