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Looks so much better in the gitlab UI. Maybe we want to split out some
of these README into subdirectories ...

v2: Polish layout a bit. Changes are only whitespace, but README is so
complicated reworked that git's rename detection doesn't spot the
similarities anymore.
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......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ A short list of contribution guidelines:
- Please submit patches formatted with git send-email/git format-patch or
equivalent to:
Development mailing list for IGT GPU Tools <>
Development mailing list for IGT GPU Tools <>
For a transition period patches are accepted on both the igt-dev mailing list
and the former intel-gfx mailing list (with the appropriate patch
......@@ -18,13 +18,13 @@ A short list of contribution guidelines:
have a need to do so, as they will get deduplicated so they only appear and
are tested in one Patchwork instance.
Intel GFX discussion <>
Intel GFX discussion <>
Please use --subject-prefix="PATCH i-g-t" so IGT patches are easily
identified in the massive amount mails on intel-gfx. To ensure this is always
done, (and will run:
git config format.subjectprefix "PATCH i-g-t"
git config format.subjectprefix "PATCH i-g-t"
on its first invocation.
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