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Update NEWS, bump version to 1.18.

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Release 1.18 (2017-03-13)
Library changes:
- Various changes to library functions so that they don't assume Intel
hardware. (Lyude)
- Added helper functions for managing synchronization primitives.
(Robert Foss)
- Added support for the new generic CRC capture kernel ABI. (Tomeu
- Added Geminilake platform support. (Ander Conselvan de Oliveira)
- Added helpers for sysfs hotplug events. (Lyude)
- Added support for hotplug testing with the Chamelium device (Lyude)
Tools changes:
- intel_dp_compliance: New tool for running automated DisplayPort
compliance tests. (Manasi Navare)
- Renamed intel_bios_reader to intel_vbt_decode. (Jani Nikula)
- intel_gvtg_test: New tool for setting up GVT-g guests based on
KVMGT. (Terrence Xu)
Test changes:
- Multiple new tests.
And many other bug fixes and improvements.
Release 1.17 (2016-12-02)
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