Commit 9d5e393d authored by Chris Wilson's avatar Chris Wilson 😣

igt/kms_flip: There's no such thing as bo-too-big

Since we can now use the entire global GTT for display, we can handle
framebuffers that no longer fit into the mappable aperture. Update the
kms_flip/bo-too-big expectations.

Bugzilla: Chris Wilson's avatarChris Wilson <>
parent c1e0e30a
......@@ -1352,8 +1352,10 @@ static void run_test_on_crtc_set(struct test_output *o, int *crtc_idxs,
/* 256 MB is usually the maximum mappable aperture,
* (make it 4x times that to ensure failure) */
if (o->flags & TEST_BO_TOOBIG)
bo_size = 4*256*1024*1024;
if (o->flags & TEST_BO_TOOBIG) {
bo_size = 4*gem_mappable_aperture_size();
igt_require(bo_size < gem_global_aperture_size(drm_fd));
o->fb_ids[0] = igt_create_fb(drm_fd, o->fb_width, o->fb_height,
igt_bpp_depth_to_drm_format(o->bpp, o->depth),
......@@ -1401,11 +1403,7 @@ static void run_test_on_crtc_set(struct test_output *o, int *crtc_idxs,
if (o->flags & TEST_CHECK_TS)
if (o->flags & TEST_BO_TOOBIG) {
igt_assert_eq(do_page_flip(o, o->fb_ids[1], true), -E2BIG);
goto out;
} else
igt_assert_eq(do_page_flip(o, o->fb_ids[1], true), 0);
igt_assert_eq(do_page_flip(o, o->fb_ids[1], true), 0);
o->current_fb_id = 1;
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