Commit 8afdfd8f authored by Antonio Argenziano's avatar Antonio Argenziano

tests/prime_self_import: Swap gtt mapping for cpu

The test uses gtt mapping to check two BOs have the same content, since
it seems there is no contention on the BOs use cpu mapping to make it
compatible with platforms that do not have a mappable aperture.

	- Need to have an explicit set_domain. (Chris)
Signed-off-by: Antonio Argenziano's avatarAntonio Argenziano <>
Reviewed-by: Chris Wilson's avatarChris Wilson <>
parent d1e352d1
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......@@ -59,8 +59,12 @@ check_bo(int fd1, uint32_t handle1, int fd2, uint32_t handle2)
char *ptr1, *ptr2;
int i;
ptr1 = gem_mmap__gtt(fd1, handle1, BO_SIZE, PROT_READ | PROT_WRITE);
ptr2 = gem_mmap__gtt(fd2, handle2, BO_SIZE, PROT_READ | PROT_WRITE);
ptr1 = gem_mmap__cpu(fd1, handle1, 0, BO_SIZE, PROT_READ | PROT_WRITE);
ptr2 = gem_mmap__cpu(fd2, handle2, 0, BO_SIZE, PROT_READ | PROT_WRITE);
gem_set_domain(fd1, handle1, I915_GEM_DOMAIN_CPU, I915_GEM_DOMAIN_CPU);
gem_set_domain(fd2, handle2, I915_GEM_DOMAIN_CPU, I915_GEM_DOMAIN_CPU);
/* check whether it's still our old object first. */
for (i = 0; i < BO_SIZE; i++) {
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