Commit 3acbd1da authored by Robert Bragg's avatar Robert Bragg

stubs/drm: Add drm_intel_gem_context_get_id stub

The plan is to use this api in i915-perf tests so this adds the
corresponding stub in case libdrm was built with libdrm_intel disabled.
Signed-off-by: Robert Bragg's avatarRobert Bragg <>
Reviewed-by: Matthew Auld's avatarMatthew Auld <>
parent 69a90fbc
......@@ -173,6 +173,13 @@ drm_intel_context *drm_intel_gem_context_create(drm_intel_bufmgr *bufmgr)
return (drm_intel_bo *) NULL;
int drm_intel_gem_context_get_id(drm_intel_context *ctx,
uint32_t *ctx_id)
igt_require_f(false, missing_support_str);
return 0;
void drm_intel_gem_context_destroy(drm_intel_context *ctx)
igt_require_f(false, missing_support_str);
......@@ -208,6 +208,8 @@ int drm_intel_bufmgr_gem_get_devid(drm_intel_bufmgr *bufmgr);
int drm_intel_gem_bo_wait(drm_intel_bo *bo, int64_t timeout_ns);
drm_intel_context *drm_intel_gem_context_create(drm_intel_bufmgr *bufmgr);
int drm_intel_gem_context_get_id(drm_intel_context *ctx,
uint32_t *ctx_id);
void drm_intel_gem_context_destroy(drm_intel_context *ctx);
int drm_intel_gem_bo_context_exec(drm_intel_bo *bo, drm_intel_context *ctx,
int used, unsigned int flags);
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