Commit 23d50a49 authored by José Roberto de Souza's avatar José Roberto de Souza Committed by Arkadiusz Hiler

tests/perf: Add test config uuid for Icelake

This make perf tests to run in Icelake.

Cc: Paulo Zanoni <>
Signed-off-by: José Roberto de Souza's avatarJosé Roberto de Souza <>
Reviewed-by: Lionel Landwerlin's avatarLionel Landwerlin <>
parent 6be300d4
......@@ -958,6 +958,8 @@ init_sys_info(void)
} else if (IS_CANNONLAKE(devid)) {
test_set_uuid = "db41edd4-d8e7-4730-ad11-b9a2d6833503";
} else if (IS_ICELAKE(devid)) {
test_set_uuid = "a291665e-244b-4b76-9b9a-01de9d3c8068";
} else {
igt_debug("unsupported GT\n");
return false;
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