Commit 1cacca20 authored by Maarten Lankhorst's avatar Maarten Lankhorst

lib/igt_kms: Fix enum type in igt_pipe_has_prop.

Found when compiling igt with clang:
[284/819] Compiling C object 'tests/kms_crtc_background_color@exe/kms_crtc_background_color.c.o'.
../tests/kms_crtc_background_color.c:140:48: warning: implicit conversion from enumeration type
	'enum igt_atomic_crtc_properties' to different enumeration type 'enum igt_atomic_connector_properties' [-Wenum-conversion]
Signed-off-by: default avatarMaarten Lankhorst <>
Reviewed-by: Ville Syrjälä's avatarVille Syrjälä <>
parent 5c146fcf
......@@ -615,7 +615,7 @@ igt_pipe_get_prop(igt_display_t *display, enum pipe pipe,
static inline bool
igt_pipe_has_prop(igt_display_t *display, enum pipe pipe,
enum igt_atomic_connector_properties prop)
enum igt_atomic_crtc_properties prop)
return display->pipes[pipe].props[prop];
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