Commit 10c2c640 authored by Arkadiusz Hiler's avatar Arkadiusz Hiler

test/kms_plane_lowres: Fix display_commit_mode() so it returns the crc

Compiler complained on crc_lowres and crc_hires2 being uninitialized
and indeed, display_commit_mode() seems to have intention of returning
the value through the parameter that is only a single pointer.

This causes only the local copy of the pointer, the one inside
display_commit_mode(), to be overwritten.

Let's fix that!

Also add missing hires crc comparison (M. Kahola).

v2: make display_commit_mode return just the last CRC
v3: Don't do memory allocations, it's hard. (Maarten)
v4: Use igt_pipe_crc_collect_crc() instead, cleans up crc handling a lot.

Cc: Mika Kahola <>
Cc: Maarten Lankhorst <>
Signed-off-by: Arkadiusz Hiler's avatarArkadiusz Hiler <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarMaarten Lankhorst <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarMika Kahola <>
parent 023f618a
......@@ -125,17 +125,12 @@ test_fini(data_t *data, igt_output_t *output, enum pipe pipe)
data->fb = NULL;
static int
static void
display_commit_mode(igt_display_t *display, igt_pipe_crc_t *pipe_crc,
enum pipe pipe, int flags, igt_crc_t *crc)
enum pipe pipe, int flags, igt_crc_t *out_crc)
char buf[256];
struct drm_event *e = (void *)buf;
unsigned int vblank_start, vblank_stop;
int n, ret;
vblank_start = kmstest_get_vblank(display->drm_fd, pipe,
int ret;
ret = igt_display_try_commit_atomic(display, flags, NULL);
igt_skip_on(ret != 0);
......@@ -144,14 +139,7 @@ display_commit_mode(igt_display_t *display, igt_pipe_crc_t *pipe_crc,
ret = read(display->drm_fd, buf, sizeof(buf));
igt_assert(ret >= 0);
vblank_stop = kmstest_get_vblank(display->drm_fd, pipe, 0);
igt_assert_eq(e->type, DRM_EVENT_FLIP_COMPLETE);
n = igt_pipe_crc_get_crcs(pipe_crc, vblank_stop - vblank_start, &crc);
igt_assert_eq(n, vblank_stop - vblank_start);
return n;
igt_pipe_crc_collect_crc(pipe_crc, out_crc);
static void
......@@ -218,11 +206,11 @@ static void
test_plane_position_with_output(data_t *data, enum pipe pipe,
igt_output_t *output, uint64_t modifier)
igt_crc_t *crc_hires1, *crc_hires2;
igt_crc_t *crc_lowres;
igt_crc_t crc_hires1, crc_hires2;
igt_crc_t crc_lowres;
drmModeModeInfo mode_lowres;
drmModeModeInfo *mode1, *mode2, *mode3;
int ret, n;
int ret;
igt_pipe_crc_t *pipe_crc;
......@@ -237,10 +225,8 @@ test_plane_position_with_output(data_t *data, enum pipe pipe,
igt_skip_on(ret != 0);
pipe_crc = igt_pipe_crc_new(data->drm_fd, pipe, INTEL_PIPE_CRC_SOURCE_AUTO);
n = igt_pipe_crc_get_crcs(pipe_crc, 1, &crc_hires1);
igt_assert_eq(1, n);
igt_pipe_crc_collect_crc(pipe_crc, &crc_hires1);
igt_assert_plane_visible(data->drm_fd, pipe, true);
......@@ -252,7 +238,7 @@ test_plane_position_with_output(data_t *data, enum pipe pipe,
check_mode(&mode_lowres, mode2);
display_commit_mode(&data->display, pipe_crc, pipe, flags, crc_lowres);
display_commit_mode(&data->display, pipe_crc, pipe, flags, &crc_lowres);
igt_assert_plane_visible(data->drm_fd, pipe, false);
......@@ -264,10 +250,12 @@ test_plane_position_with_output(data_t *data, enum pipe pipe,
check_mode(mode1, mode3);
display_commit_mode(&data->display, pipe_crc, pipe, flags, crc_hires2);
display_commit_mode(&data->display, pipe_crc, pipe, flags, &crc_hires2);
igt_assert_plane_visible(data->drm_fd, pipe, true);
igt_assert_crc_equal(&crc_hires1, &crc_hires2);
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