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      pm_rps: Changes in waitboost scenario · 5ce65a9a
      Katarzyna Dec authored
      CI is observing sporadical failures in pm_rps subtests. There are a
      couple of reasons. One of them is the fact that on gen6, gen7 and
      gen7.5, max frequency (as in the HW limit) is not set to RP0, but the
      value obtaind from PCODE (which may be different from RP0). Thus the
      test is operating under wrong assumptions (SOFTMAX == RP0 == BOOST which
      is simply not the case). Let's compare current frequency with BOOST
      frequency rather than SOFTMAX to get the test behaviour under control.
      In boost_freq function I set MAX freq to medium freqency, which ensures
      that we for sure reach BOOST frequency. This could help with failures
      with boost frequency failing to drop down.
      Additionally GPU reset needs to be modified so we are not dependent on
      kernel's low priority retire worker. Reset method was replaced by
      igt_force_gpu_reset() and in reset testcase we make sure that we can
      recover from hang.
      v2: Commit message, simplified waiting for boost to finish, drop
      noisy whitespace cleanup.
      v3: Removed reading from i915_rps_boost_info debugfs because it not the
      same on every kernel. Removed function waiting for boost. Instead of
      that I made sure we will reach in boost by setting MAX freq to fmid.
      v4: Moved proposal with making test drm master to other patch
      v5: Used igt_force_gpu_reset() to reset GPU. Modified "reset" testcase.
      v6: Comments changes and update.
      v7: Fixing typos
      v8: Fixing another typos in comments and commit msg
      Cc: Chris Wilson <chris@chris-wilson.co.uk>
      Cc: Jeff Mcgee <jeff.mcgee@intel.com>
      Cc: Petri Latvala <petri.latvala@intel.com>
      Cc: Jani Saarinen <jani.saarinen@intel.com>
      Cc: Radoslaw Szwichtenberg <radoslaw.szwichtenberg@intel.com>
      Reviewed-by: Radosław's avatarRadoslaw Szwichtenberg <radoslaw.szwichtenberg@intel.com>
      Acked-by: Daniel Vetter's avatarDaniel Vetter <daniel.vetter@intel.com>
      Signed-off-by: Katarzyna Dec's avatarKatarzyna Dec <katarzyna.dec@intel.com>
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