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    • Chris Wilson's avatar
      Add gem_fence_thrash test · 8f3f862b
      Chris Wilson authored
      This is a test case that overcommits fence registers between threads, which
      are copying from one fenced bo to another. In earlier versions of the driver
      this would cause excessive spinning as the first inactive (i.e. not in use
      by the GPU) would be used to service the next page. After all the fence
      registers had been allocated, in effect only the very first fence would then
      be used for all subsequent faults.
  5. 19 Jun, 2009 1 commit
    • Jesse Barnes's avatar
      Four new tests for error handling · bbafc3d0
      Jesse Barnes authored
      Add four new tests for error the error handling cases:
        - gem_bad_address - store to a bad address, should generate a protection or
          page table error
        - gem_bad_batch - try to execute a bad batch, should generate a protection,
          invalid instruction or page table error
        - gem_bad_blit - blit to an invalid location, should generated a protection
          or page table error
        - gem_hang - hang the GPU on an event that will never happen, test hang
          detection & recovery code
  6. 14 May, 2009 1 commit
    • Jesse Barnes's avatar
      tests: add large object test · 433e1c85
      Jesse Barnes authored
      The large object test simply tries to allocate a 128M object, pin it, then
      pwrite the whole thing.  This should make obvious any leaks on close or
      page pointer allocation failures.
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