Commit f62268e1 authored by Imre Deak's avatar Imre Deak

tests/kms_flip: Keep signal helpers enabled after a failed interruptible subtest

For the duration of all the interruptible subtests the signal helper is
assumed to stay running after each subtest, both in case the subtest
passes or aborts with a failure. So make sure we don't leave the signal
helper suspended in case igt_assert() aborts.

References: intel#1883
Fixes: 60e8be7c ("tests/kms_flip: Retry test in case of a DP/HDMI link reset")
Cc: Uma Shankar <>
Cc: Nidhi Gupta <>
Signed-off-by: Imre Deak's avatarImre Deak <>
Reviewed-by: Uma Shankar's avatarUma Shankar <>
Reviewed-by: Anshuman Gupta's avatarAnshuman Gupta <>
parent f37cd374
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......@@ -1325,10 +1325,15 @@ retry:
* reset event, which the driver signals with a hotplug event.
if (!state_ok) {
bool hotplug_detected;
igt_assert(!retried && igt_hotplug_detected(mon, 3));
if (!retried)
hotplug_detected = igt_hotplug_detected(mon, 3);
igt_assert(!retried && hotplug_detected);
igt_debug("Retrying after a hotplug event\n");
retried = true;
memset(&o->vblank_state, 0, sizeof(o->vblank_state));
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