Commit cf4efd15 authored by Damien Lespiau's avatar Damien Lespiau

lib: Remove old dead code intel_batchbuffer_emit_mi_flush()

Signed-off-by: default avatarDamien Lespiau <>
parent 4b347655
......@@ -232,10 +232,3 @@ intel_copy_bo(struct intel_batchbuffer *batch,
intel_batchbuffer_emit_mi_flush(struct intel_batchbuffer *batch)
intel_batchbuffer_require_space(batch, 4);
intel_batchbuffer_emit_dword(batch, MI_FLUSH);
......@@ -96,9 +96,6 @@ intel_batchbuffer_require_space(struct intel_batchbuffer *batch,
#define ADVANCE_BATCH() do { \
} while(0)
intel_batchbuffer_emit_mi_flush(struct intel_batchbuffer *batch);
void intel_copy_bo(struct intel_batchbuffer *batch,
drm_intel_bo *dst_bo, drm_intel_bo *src_bo,
int width, int height);
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