Commit c18a9c10 authored by Chris Wilson's avatar Chris Wilson 🤔

intel-ci: s/huc_copy/huc-copy/

Fix the testlist to match the test name.

Closes: intel#2186Signed-off-by: Chris Wilson's avatarChris Wilson <>
Cc: Antonio Argenziano <>
Reviewed-by: Antonio Argenziano's avatarAntonio Argenziano <>
parent 32f8759b
Pipeline #177435 passed with stages
in 14 minutes and 34 seconds
...@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ igt@gem_flink_basic@bad-open ...@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ igt@gem_flink_basic@bad-open
igt@gem_flink_basic@basic igt@gem_flink_basic@basic
igt@gem_flink_basic@double-flink igt@gem_flink_basic@double-flink
igt@gem_flink_basic@flink-lifetime igt@gem_flink_basic@flink-lifetime
igt@gem_huc_copy@huc_copy igt@gem_huc_copy@huc-copy
igt@gem_linear_blits@basic igt@gem_linear_blits@basic
igt@gem_mmap@basic igt@gem_mmap@basic
igt@gem_mmap_gtt@basic igt@gem_mmap_gtt@basic
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