Commit bc81be69 authored by Stanislav Lisovskiy's avatar Stanislav Lisovskiy Committed by Swati2 Sharma

igt/tests: Clear pipes properly in kms_atomic_transition

There is an issue happening from time to time in kms_atomic_transition
(bug #1918). We periodically get assertion that some two outputs
attempt to use same pipe like this:

"Failed assertion: output->pending_pipe != b->pending_pipe"

After some investigation came to conclusion that this is happening
because we are calling igt_output_set_pipe(output, PIPE_NONE) only
for connected outputs, which is wrong.
Periodically igt_display_refresh/igt_output_refresh call calls can
update the output state to disconnected. However that doesn't clear
the pipe being assigned(i.e output->pending_pipe).
So this causes assertion to be triggered on next igt_display_refresh
called during commit.

Bugzilla: intel#1918

v2: - Do not use for_each_valid_output_on_pipe as it also iterates
      only on connected outputs(Maarten)
    - Also fix run_modeset_tests function
Signed-off-by: Stanislav Lisovskiy's avatarStanislav Lisovskiy <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarMaarten Lankhorst <>
parent a048d54f
Pipeline #175140 passed with stages
in 13 minutes and 27 seconds
......@@ -664,9 +664,10 @@ static unsigned set_combinations(igt_display_t *display, unsigned mask, struct i
igt_output_t *output;
enum pipe pipe;
unsigned event_mask = 0;
int i;
for_each_connected_output(display, output)
igt_output_set_pipe(output, PIPE_NONE);
for (i = 0; i < display->n_outputs; i++)
igt_output_set_pipe(&display->outputs[i], PIPE_NONE);
for_each_pipe(display, pipe) {
igt_plane_t *plane = igt_pipe_get_plane_type(&display->pipes[pipe],
......@@ -743,11 +744,12 @@ static void run_modeset_tests(igt_display_t *display, int howmany, bool nonblock
igt_output_t *output;
unsigned width = 0, height = 0;
for (i = 0; i < display->n_outputs; i++)
igt_output_set_pipe(&display->outputs[i], PIPE_NONE);
for_each_connected_output(display, output) {
drmModeModeInfo *mode = igt_output_get_mode(output);
igt_output_set_pipe(output, PIPE_NONE);
width = max(width, mode->hdisplay);
height = max(height, mode->vdisplay);
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