Commit 87042d67 authored by Daniel Vetter's avatar Daniel Vetter

NEWS: Mention igt.cocci

And also pimp the spatch file itself with usage hints.
Signed-off-by: Daniel Vetter's avatarDaniel Vetter <>
parent 2347e6d2
Release 1.8 (xxxx-xx-xx)
- Added lib/igt.cocci semantic patch to catch often-seen patterns and convert
them to igt macros/infrastructure.
Release 1.7 (2014-06-09)
// Semantic patch for common patters and their replacement by igt infrastructure
// and macros. Please run with
// spatch --sp-file lib/igt.cocci --in-place tests/*.c
// on your new testcase.
// Replace open-coded augmented igt_assert/skip/require with macro versions
expression Ec;
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