Commit 5f190f2d authored by Ville Syrjälä's avatar Ville Syrjälä

kms_flip: Fail the subtest if page flip hang recovery wasn't actually tested

Context banning can prevent the page flip hang tests from actaully
testing anything, so make the relevant subtests fail in that case.
Signed-off-by: Ville Syrjälä's avatarVille Syrjälä <>
parent 48ba2cdf
......@@ -922,6 +922,9 @@ static unsigned int run_test_step(struct test_output *o)
if (hang)
unhang_gpu(drm_fd, hang);
igt_assert_f(!(do_flip && (o->flags & TEST_HANG)) || hang,
"failed to exercise page flip hang recovery\n");
return completed_events;
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