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initial release notes for the next release

Please amend/improve.
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Release 1.4
- Integration of the gen4+ assembler (Damien).
- Start of a new performance analysis tool from Chris Wilson with front-ends for
both X11 and plain kms. This uses the perf subsystem and the gpu performance
counter kernel patches from Chris.
- New register dumper quick_dump from Ben, with lots of work from Damien. This
will superseed intel_reg_dumper for newer platforms (which aren't yet
released) since it will allow us to automatically generate register dumps from
the internal xml register specifications.
- Tools to access the pletoria of new indirect register access functions on
newer platforms.
- Framebuffer contents dumper to debug some of the nastier corruption issues.
The advantage here is that this bypasses any userspace drivers and so avoids
that the corruptions get magically fixed when taking an X screenshot.
- Tons of new testcases. Including subtests we're not at roughly 450 tests!
- Improvements to the test framework infrastructure. See
for an overview.
Release 1.3 (2013-08-07)
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