drm_hwcomposer: Add MediaTek platform support

This platform handler is dedicated for the i500 MediaTek SoC [1]. i500 has a Mali-G72 MP3 GPU.

OpenGL/Mali integration is based on ARM Gralloc module, version BX304L01B-SW-99005-r20p0-01rel0, without additional patches.

This platformmediatek is based on platformmeson, without the additional usage flag in the private_handle_t. AFBC support has also been removed as it's unsupported.

External Android.bp file should be created in order to build this module:

cc_library_shared {
    name: "hwcomposer.drm_mediatek",
    defaults: ["hwcomposer.drm_defaults"],
    srcs: [":drm_hwcomposer_platformmediatek"],
    whole_static_libs: ["drm_hwcomposer"],

[1] https://www.mediatek.com/products/AIoT/i500

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