Commit f9843c7a authored by Zhigang Gong's avatar Zhigang Gong

glamor: Fixed one conflict data type(XID) bug.

We should include the dix-config.h for all the glamor files. Otherwise
the XID type maybe inconsisitent in different files in 64bit machine.
The root cause is this macro "#define _XSERVER64 1" should be included
in all files refer to the data type "XID" which is originally defined
in X.h. If _XSERVER64 is defined as 1, then XID is defined as CARD32
which is a 32bit integer. If _XSERVER64 is not defined as 1 then XID
is "unsigned long". In a 32bit machine, "unsigned long" should be
identical to CARD32. But in a 64bit machine, they are different.
parent e194740c
......@@ -24,10 +24,14 @@
* Eric Anholt <>
#include <dix-config.h>
#include "glamor.h"
#include <GL/glew.h>
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