Commit 8a85071e authored by Zhigang Gong's avatar Zhigang Gong Committed by Eric Anholt

glamor_copyarea: Don't access a DRM only pixmap.

As EGL image/gbm only support ARGB8888 image, we don't support
other format. We may change the way to use gbm directly latter.
But now, we have to face this limitation, and thus if a client
create a 16bpp drawable, and call get texture from pixmap then
a copy to here may occur and thus we have to force retur a TRUE
without do nothing.
Signed-off-by: default avatarZhigang Gong <>
parent 0b6867dd
......@@ -395,6 +395,13 @@ _glamor_copy_n_to_n(DrawablePtr src,
&& glamor_ddx_fallback_check_pixmap(dst))
goto done;
if (src_pixmap_priv->type == GLAMOR_DRM_ONLY
|| dst_pixmap_priv->type == GLAMOR_DRM_ONLY) {
"Access a DRM only pixmap is not allowed within glamor.\n",
return TRUE;
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