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    glamor_largepixmap: first commit for large pixmap. · ace35e40
    Zhigang Gong authored
    This is the first commit to add support for large pixmap.
    The large here means a pixmap is larger than the texutre's
    size limitation thus can't fit into one single texutre.
    The previous implementation will simply fallback to use a
    in memory pixmap to contain the large pixmap which is
    very slow in practice.
    The basic idea here is to use an array of texture to hold
    the large pixmap. And when we need to get a specific area
    of the pixmap, we just need to compute/clip the correct
    region and find the corresponding fbo.
    We need to implement some auxiliary routines to clip every
    rendering operations into small pieces which can fit into
    one texture.
    The complex part is the transformation/repeat/repeatReflect
    and repeat pad and their comination. We will support all of
    them step by step.
    This commit just add some necessary data structure to represent
    the large pixmap, and doesn't change any rendering process.
    This commit doesn't add real large pixmap support.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarZhigang Gong <zhigang.gong@linux.intel.com>
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