Commit 67b90c4f authored by Marc-André Lureau's avatar Marc-André Lureau
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zb: simplify From<azync::Proxy>

Signed-off-by: default avatarMarc-André Lureau <>
parent c605097f
......@@ -271,7 +271,7 @@ impl<'asref, 'p: 'asref> std::convert::AsRef<Proxy<'asref>> for Proxy<'p> {
impl<'p, 'a: 'p> From<azync::Proxy<'a>> for Proxy<'p> {
impl<'a> From<azync::Proxy<'a>> for Proxy<'a> {
fn from(proxy: azync::Proxy<'a>) -> Self {
Self {
conn: proxy.connection().clone().into(),
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