1. 04 Jan, 2012 1 commit
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      Revert all changes since a36d4918 · 5df8c3db
      Simon McVittie authored
      Someone seems to have merged part of master into 1.4. Again. Let's go
      back to the "last known good" point (the branch-point of some 1.4
      branches I had locally), then we can cherry-pick the changes that
      should have gone in.
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      When spawning processes, don't ignore the passed in environment · 8ec16041
      Ray Strode authored
      Previously, we'd always call execv() and unconditionally use
      the environment of the parent.  Now we call execve() with the
      passed in environment.  For compatibility, we detect if
      the passed in environment is NULL and for that case, use the
      environment from the parent instead.
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  16. 24 Jul, 2007 2 commits
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      2007-07-24 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · 79d3004e
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* configure.in: add AM_PROG_CC_C_O to allow per-target CPPFLAGS
      	* bus/dispatch.c (bus_dispatch_test_conf): Fix up setting
      	TEST_LAUNCH_HELPER_CONFIG to include the full path, and enable
      	test shell_fail_service_auto_start when use_launcher==TRUE
      	* bus/activation-helper-bin.c (convert_error_to_exit_code): pass
      	through the INVALID_ARGS error so the test suite works
      	* bus/activation.c (handle_activation_exit_error): return
      	* dbus/dbus-spawn.c (_dbus_babysitter_get_child_exit_status):
      	return only the exit code of the child, not the entire thingy from
      	waitpid(), and make the return value indicate whether the child
      	exited normally (with a status code)
      	* bus/bus.c (process_config_first_time_only): _dbus_strdup works
      	on NULL so no need to check
      	(process_config_every_time): move servicehelper init here, so we
      	reload it on HUP or config file change
      	* bus/Makefile.am (install-data-hook): remove comment because
      	Emacs make mode seems to be grumpy about it
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      2007-07-24 Richard Hughes <richard@hughsie.com> · ab25c536
      Richard Hughes authored
      * dbus/dbus-spawn.c: (read_data),
      * dbus/dbus-spawn.h:
      Add a function so we can get access to the exit status of the launch
      By providing the return code and not the error we can leave the
      'what does this mean?' to the bus launch code and not include it in the
      dbus directory.
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      2007-06-18 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · 98f19852
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* dbus/dbus-watch.c (dbus_watch_get_socket)
      	(dbus_watch_get_unix_fd): new API to match DBusConnection
      	(dbus_watch_get_fd): deprecate this
      	Throughout: just s/dbus_watch_get_fd/dbus_watch_get_socket/g for
      	now since all the transports use sockets anyway
  19. 15 Jun, 2007 1 commit
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      2007-06-15 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · 43b944a0
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* dbus/dbus-sysdeps.c (_dbus_set_errno_to_zero)
      	(_dbus_get_is_errno_nonzero, _dbus_get_is_errno_eintr)
      	(_dbus_strerror_from_errno): family of functions to abstract
      	errno, though these are somewhat bogus (really we should make our
      	socket wrappers not use errno probably - the issue is that any
      	usage of errno that isn't socket-related probably is not
      	cross-platform, so should either be in a unix-only file that can
      	use errno directly, or is a bug - these general errno wrappers
      	hide issues of this nature in non-socket code, while
      	socket-specific API changes would not since sockets are allowed
  20. 09 Jun, 2007 1 commit
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      2007-06-09 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · 23832672
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* bus/dispatch.c (check_get_connection_unix_process_id): adapt
      	since sysdeps-unix.h stuff isn't included anymore
      	* bus/bus.c (bus_context_new): use more abstract functions to
      	change user, so they can be no-ops on Windows
      	* dbus/dbus-credentials.c, dbus/dbus-credentials.h,
      	dbus/dbus-credentials-util.c: new files containing a fully opaque
      	DBusCredentials data type to replace the old not opaque one.
      	* configure.in (DBUS_UNIX): define DBUS_UNIX to match DBUS_WIN on
      	* dbus/dbus-userdb.h: prohibit on Windows, next step is to clean
      	up the uses of it in bus/*.c and factor out the parts of
      	cookie auth that depend on it
  21. 04 Mar, 2007 1 commit
  22. 16 Sep, 2006 1 commit
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      2006-09-16 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · 08079a5b
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* dbus/dbus-sysdeps-unix.h: small change to Peter's patch to make
      	dbus-sysdeps-unix-util.c build, add unix-specific sysdeps header.
      	* dbus/dbus-sysdeps.h, dbus-sysdeps-unix.c: patch from Peter
      	Kümmel bug #8249 to make the sysdeps.h read/write/open/close
      	functions specifically for sockets only, and move generic
      	read/write/open/close into unix-specific code.
  23. 07 Sep, 2006 2 commits
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  26. 29 Aug, 2004 1 commit
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      2004-08-28 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · f14f2196
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* dbus/dbus-userdb.c (_dbus_is_console_user): remove unused variable
              More fixes from Steve Grubb
      	* dbus/dbus-sysdeps.c (_dbus_connect_tcp_socket): fix fd leak
      	(_dbus_listen_tcp_socket): fix fd leak
      	* dbus/dbus-spawn.c (read_pid, read_ints): move the "again:" for
      	EINTR to a bit lower in the code
  27. 10 Aug, 2004 1 commit
  28. 20 Jun, 2004 1 commit
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      2004-06-20 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · 961e6ca4
      Havoc Pennington authored
              * dbus/dbus-glib-error-enum.h: autogenerate the GError enum
      	codes from the dbus error names
              * glib/dbus-glib.h: move to subdir dbus/ since it's included
      	as dbus/dbus-glib.h and that breakage is now visible due to
      	including dbus/dbus-glib.h in dbus-glib-lowlevel.h
      	* glib/dbus-glib.h: s/gproxy/g_proxy/
      	* dbus/dbus-shared.h: new header to hold stuff shared with
      	binding APIs
      	* dbus/dbus-protocol.h (DBUS_ERROR_*): move errors here rather
      	than dbus-errors.h
      	* glib/dbus-glib.h (dbus_set_g_error): move to
      	* glib/dbus-glib.h: remove dbus/dbus.h from here; change a bunch
      	of stuff to enable this
      	* dbus/dbus-glib-lowlevel.h: put dbus/dbus.h here
      	* a bunch of other changes with the same basic "separate glib
      	bindings from dbus.h" theme
  29. 02 Dec, 2003 1 commit
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  32. 11 May, 2003 1 commit
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      2003-05-11 Havoc Pennington <hp@pobox.com> · ab10ae90
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	Write a "test-profile" that does echo client-server with threads;
      	profile reveals lock contention, memcpy/realloc of buffers, and
      	UTF-8 validation as hot spots. 20% of lock contention eliminated
      	with dbus_atomic_inc/dec implementation on x86.  Much remaining
      	contention is global mempool locks for GList and DBusList.
      	* dbus/dbus-sysdeps.c (_dbus_atomic_inc, _dbus_atomic_dec): add
      	x86 implementation
      	* dbus/dbus-connection.c (struct DBusConnection): use
      	dbus_atomic_t for the reference count
      	* dbus/dbus-message.c (struct DBusMessage): declare
      	dbus_atomic_t values as volatile
      	* configure.in: code to detect ability to use atomic integer
      	operations in assembly, from GLib patch
      	* dbus/dbus-internals.c (_dbus_verbose_real): call getpid every
      	time, tired of it being wrong in threads and forked processes
      	* glib/test-profile.c: a little program to bounce messages back
      	and forth between threads and eat CPU
      	* dbus/dbus-connection.c: add debug spew macros for debugging
      	thread locks; include config.h at top; fix deadlock in