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      Revert all changes since a36d4918 · 5df8c3db
      Simon McVittie authored
      Someone seems to have merged part of master into 1.4. Again. Let's go
      back to the "last known good" point (the branch-point of some 1.4
      branches I had locally), then we can cherry-pick the changes that
      should have gone in.
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      Validate arg0namespace matches' values. · 613ecbfb
      Will Thompson authored
      I could be convinced that this is overkill, but it seems sensible to
      forbid obviously-broken arg0namespace matches.
    • Will Thompson's avatar
      Supporting matching argument 0 as a namespace · 2f7b1115
      Will Thompson authored
      Rather like "arg0path='/foo/'" matching all object paths starting with
      "/foo/", this adds support for matching a prefix of a string argument
      with "arg0namespace='org.freedesktop.Telepathy.Client.'" (for example).
      This is mostly intended for use with NameOwnerChanged and
      PropertiesChanged; thus, only matching the 0th argument is permitted.
      (This also means it could work with the multicast-plus-socket-filters
      model being considered for DBus-in-the-kernel without having to hash
      every period-separated prefix of every string argument.)
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      Add argument path matching support. Bug #11066. · f6ec4a80
      Allison Lortie authored
      2007-09-20  Ryan Lortie  <desrt@desrt.ca>
              * dbus/signals.c (struct DBusMatchRule, bus_match_rule_new,
              bus_match_rule_set_arg, bus_match_rule_parse_arg_match,
              match_rule_matches): Add support for parsing and matching on
              arg0path='/some/path' type rules.
              * dbus/signals.h (bus_match_rule_set_arg): change to take const
              DBusString instead of const char * for the string to match against.
              * dbus/dbus-bus.c: add a quick note to dbus_bus_add_match
              documentation about the path matching.
              * doc/dbus-specification.xml: add a more detailed description of the
              changes here.
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    • John Palmieri's avatar
      * configure.in: Add test/name-test/Makefile to the generated · 1a163e76
      John Palmieri authored
      	Makefile list
      	* dbus/dbus-shared.h (#define DBUS_NAME_FLAG_ALLOW_REPLACEMENT):
      	New flag which replaces DBUS_NAME_FLAG_PROHIBIT_REPLACEMENT
      	(#define DBUS_NAME_FLAG_DO_NOT_QUEUE): New flag for specifying
      	not to queue an ower if it can't be the primary owner
      	* bus/bus.h: Add new internal BusOwner struct
      	* bus/driver.c (bus_driver_handle_hello): Send flags (0 for default)
      	to bus_registry_ensure and don't set the prohibit_replacement flag
      	since they are now set per BusOwner and not per name.
      	(bus_driver_handle_list_queued_owners): bus method (ListQueuedOwners)
      	that returns the list of connections in a name's connection queue
      	* bus/services.c (struct BusService): remove prohibit_replacement field
      	(struct BusOwner): new struct for keeping track of queued connections
      	and their associated flags for the queue
      	(struct BusRegistry): add a BusOwner memory pool
      	(bus_registry_new): initialize the BusOwner memory pool
      	(bus_registry_unref): free the BusOwner memory pool
      	(_bus_service_find_owner_link): new internal method for
      	searching the queue for a specific connection
      	(bus_owner_set_flags): new method for adding setting the flags on a
      	bus owner
      	(bus_owner_new): new method that creates a BusOwner object from the
      	pool and sets its flags
      	(bus_owner_ref, bus_owner_unref): ref counting for BusOwner objects
      	(bus_registry_ensure): Add the flags parameter
      	(bus_registry_acquire_service): Switch from using raw connections to
      	using the BusOwner struct
      	Add new state machine for dealing with the new set of flags
      	(bus_registry_set_service_context_table, struct OwnershipCancelData,
      	cancel_ownership, free_ownership_cancel_data,
      	add_cancel_ownership_to_transaction, struct OwnershipRestoreData,
      	restore_ownership, free_ownership_restore_data,
      	add_restore_ownership_to_transaction): Switch to using BusOwner
      	instead of raw connections
      	(bus_service_add_owner): Add flags parameter
      	Switch to using BusOwner instead of raw connections
      	Add state machine for dealing with the new set of flags
      	(bus_service_swap_owner): Swaps the first and second owners in the
      	queue.  Used to make sure proper signals are sent when a service looses
      	or gains primary ownership.  We never insert an owner at the top of the
      	queue.  Instead we insert it in the second position and then swap.
      	(bus_service_remove_owner): Remove the owner from the queue sending
      	out the NameLost and NameOwnerChanged signals if the we were the
      	primary owner
      	(bus_service_get_primary_owners_connection): New method that extracts
      	the connection from the primary owner
      	(bus_service_get_primary_owner): Returns the BusOwner instead of the
      	(bus_service_get_allow_replacement): Changed from the old
      	bus_service_get_prohibit_replacement method.  Checks the flags of the
      	primary owner and returns if it can be replaced or not
      	(bus_service_set_prohibit_replacement): removed
      	(bus_service_has_owner): returns TRUE if and owner with
      	the specified connection exists in the queue
      	* dbus/dbus-bus.c (dbus_bus_connection_get_unique_name): New helper
      	method that only compiles if tests are enabled.  Allows us to get the
      	unique name of a connection so we can check it against the queue when
      	doing regression tests
      	* bus/activation.c (bus_activation_send_pending_auto_activate),
      	bus/dispatch.c (bus_dispatch),
      	bus/driver.c (bus_driver_handle_get_service_owner,
      	bus/signals.c (connection_is_primary_owner):
      	use bus_service_get_primary_owners_connection instead of
      	* dbus/dbus-sysdeps.c (_dbus_connect_unix_socket,
      	_dbus_listen_unix_socket): Calculate the length of the socket
      	path and use that instead of using a fixed length which was
      	causing socket names to contain many trailing Nul bytes.
      	* dbus/dbus-glib-lowlevel.h, glib/dbus-gobject.c
      	(dbus_g_method_get_sender): New method for extracting the sender
      	from a DBusGMethodInvocation
      	(dbus_g_method_return_get_reply): changed name to
      	(dbus_g_method_return_send_reply): changed name to
      	dbus_g_method_send reply
      	* doc/dbus-specification.xml: New docs that describe how the new
      	queueing system works and talks about the changes to the how
      	we specify socket names
      	* glib/examples/example-service.c,
      	Changed the RequestName flags to the new system
      	* test/name-test/ (test-names.c, run-test.sh, Makefile.am): New
      	regression test suite for testing various states of the new
      	queueing system
  25. 29 Jul, 2005 1 commit
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2005-07-29 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · 51a4261d
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* bus/signals.c (bus_signals_test): add match_rule_equal() tests
      	(match_rule_matches): remove unused arg
      	(test_matching): add tests for match_rule_matches()
      	* bus/signals.c (bus_match_rule_parse_arg_match): add ability to
      	do arg0='foo' arg5='bar' in the match rules
      	(match_rule_matches): don't match if the arg0='foo' doesn't match.
      	* dbus/dbus-protocol.h (DBUS_MAXIMUM_MATCH_RULE_ARG_NUMBER): add this