1. 01 Dec, 2009 1 commit
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      WIN32: add versioninfo, and export symbols · 83387d2a
      Marc Mutz authored
      * dbus/versioninfo.rc.in: (new file) copied and modified from libgpg-error
       * configure.in: enable libtool's W32 support, extract version information
          for use in versioninfo.rc.in, define DBUS_WIN, define DBUS_UNIX only on
          unix (adapted from libgpg-error)
       * dbus/Makefile.am: switch sources depending on platform,
          compile versioninfo.rc, add dbus-1.def (not used since buildsystem creates
          its own .def file apparently)
      (cherry picked from commit cfa717ddb7b9258a862d87cd5b3bdbe582ce106c)