1. 10 Jan, 2019 1 commit
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      Make sure ctest on Windows uses the currently built dbus library · 7f9eb9ce
      Ralf Habacker authored
      The ctest application is usually not installed in the dbus build
      directory. If an older dbus library is contained in this path, it will
      be used instead of the currently built one, which can lead to runtime
      errors (e.g.: c0000139) if the internal dbus API differs.
  2. 09 Jan, 2019 1 commit
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  7. 06 Dec, 2018 1 commit
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      Add new cmake configure option DBUS_USE_WINE · 56171457
      Ralf Habacker authored
      If this variable is set, ctest uses wine to run cross compiled
      test applications. Otherwise, they are assumed to run on a native
      Windows operating system.
      The new cmake variables Z_DRIVE_IF_WINE and TEST_WRAPPER have been
      added to support this function.
  8. 05 Dec, 2018 2 commits
  9. 20 Nov, 2018 5 commits
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  12. 15 Nov, 2018 3 commits
    • Simon McVittie's avatar
      internals: Assume compiler supports a subset of ISO varargs syntax · f93b6358
      Simon McVittie authored
      We have considerable anecdotal evidence that every relevant compiler
      supports at least the small part of ISO varargs syntax that we need
      here, because tools/tool-common.h has contained
          #define VERBOSE(...) do {} while (0)
      since dbus 1.9.2 (2014) and nobody has complained yet. With that in
      mind, let's simplify.
      Signed-off-by: Simon McVittie's avatarSimon McVittie <smcv@collabora.com>
    • Ralf Habacker's avatar
      Refactor cmake checks for DBUS_VA_COPY and DBUS_VA_COPY_ARRAY · a0503f0c
      Ralf Habacker authored
      For test case execution, CheckCSourceCompiles is now used instead
      of try_compile and the determination of DBUS_VA_AS_ARRAY is
      performed with a separate test instead of evaluating the result
      of HAVE_VA_COPY and HAVE___VA_COPY.
      The tests are performed for all supported compilers. Since older
      MSVC compilers (< 2013) do not support va_copy(), the macro
      _DBUS_VA_ASSIGN(a1,a2) with the implementation { a1 = a2; } is used
      as a fallback.
    • Ralf Habacker's avatar
      Avoid double slashes in paths created by pkg-config · 696a6b62
      Ralf Habacker authored
      If in a .pc variable a path is created from another
      variable, such as exec_prefix=${prefix}/lib, prefix
      must not contain a trailing slash to avoid double
      slashes in the generated path.
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