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  5. 14 Jun, 2007 1 commit
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      2007-06-14 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · 48c6f147
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* dbus/dbus-auth.c: adapt to keyring changes
      	* dbus/dbus-keyring.c: change to avoid using user ID and home
      	directory directly; instead use a
      	keyring-location-from-credentials function in dbus-sysdeps
      	* fix to use _dbus_append_user_from_current_process() instead of
      	_dbus_username_from_current_process() or _dbus_append_desired_identity().
  6. 09 Jun, 2007 1 commit
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      2007-06-09 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · 23832672
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* bus/dispatch.c (check_get_connection_unix_process_id): adapt
      	since sysdeps-unix.h stuff isn't included anymore
      	* bus/bus.c (bus_context_new): use more abstract functions to
      	change user, so they can be no-ops on Windows
      	* dbus/dbus-credentials.c, dbus/dbus-credentials.h,
      	dbus/dbus-credentials-util.c: new files containing a fully opaque
      	DBusCredentials data type to replace the old not opaque one.
      	* configure.in (DBUS_UNIX): define DBUS_UNIX to match DBUS_WIN on
      	* dbus/dbus-userdb.h: prohibit on Windows, next step is to clean
      	up the uses of it in bus/*.c and factor out the parts of
      	cookie auth that depend on it
  7. 12 Dec, 2006 1 commit
  8. 06 Mar, 2006 1 commit
    • Sjoerd Simons's avatar
      * bus/bus.c: (bus_context_reload_config): Flush the user database cache on · caf22001
      Sjoerd Simons authored
         config reload.
         * bus/dbus-daemon.1.in: Also note that SIGHUP flushes the user/group
         information caches
         * dbus/dbus-hash.c: (_dbus_hash_table_remove_all):
         * dbus/dbus-hash.h: Add function to remove all entries from a hash table
         * dbus/dbus-userdb.c: (_dbus_user_database_flush):
         * dbus/dbus-userdb.h: Add function to flush all user/group information
  9. 22 Mar, 2005 1 commit
    • John Palmieri's avatar
      * tools/Makefile.am: Patch by Colin Walters that fixes distcheck · 6eab5141
      John Palmieri authored
      * dbus/dbus-userdb.c, dbus/dbus-userdb-util.c: Add patch we have
        had in Red Hat packages for a while but for some reason never
        got merged upstream
        (_dbus_is_a_number): New checks if a string
        can be converted to a number and does the conversion if it can
        (_dbus_user_database_lookup): Add check to see if the given username
        is a udi.  This allows udi's to be used instead of usernames in the
        config file.
        (_dbus_user_database_lookup_group): Add check to see if the given groupname
        is a gdi.  This allows gdi's to be used instead of groupnames in the
        config file.
  10. 17 Jan, 2005 1 commit
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2005-01-16 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · 4c1a2a76
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* dbus/dbus-userdb-util.c: split out part of dbus-userdb.c
      	* dbus/dbus-sysdeps.c (_dbus_uid_from_string): move here to pave
      	way for stripping down dbus-userdb.c stuff included in libdbus.
      	Rename _dbus_parse_uid for consistency.
  11. 16 Jan, 2005 1 commit
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2005-01-16 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · 7f9721a6
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* test/unused-code-gc.py: hacky script to find code that's used
      	only by the bus (not libdbus) or used only by tests or not used at
      	all. It has some false alarms, but looks like we can clean up a
      	lot of size from libdbus.
      	* dbus/dbus-sysdeps.c, dbus/dbus-sysdeps-utils.c,
      	dbus/Makefile.am: initially move 10K of binary size out of libdbus
  12. 09 Sep, 2004 1 commit
  13. 25 Aug, 2004 1 commit
    • John Palmieri's avatar
      Console user security policy · b78d2220
      John Palmieri authored
      * bus/config-parser.c:
      (struct PolicyType): Add POLICY_CONSOLE
      (struct Element.d.policy): s/gid_or_uid/gid_uid_or_at_console
      (start_busconfig_child): Sets up console element when
      <policy at_console=""> is encountered in a policy file
      (append_rule_from_element): Convert console elements to console
      * bus/policy.c:
      (bus_policy_create_client_policy): Add console rules to the client
      policy based on if the client is at the console
      (bus_policy_append_console_rule): New function for adding a
      console rule to a policy
      (bus_policy_merge): Handle console rule merging
      * dbus/dbus-sysdeps.h: Added the DBUS_CONSOLE_DIR constant
      where we check for console user files
      * dbus/dbus-sysdeps.c:
      (_dbus_file_exists): New function which checks if the given
      file exists
      (_dbus_user_at_console): New function which does the system
      specific process of checking if the user is at the console
      * dbus/dbus-userdb.c:
      (_dbus_is_console_user): New function converts a UID to user name
      and then calls the system specific _dbus_user_at_console to
      see if the user is at the console and therefor a console user
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  18. 14 Apr, 2003 1 commit
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2003-04-14 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · fe1cb3a9
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* dbus/dbus-userdb.c: user database abstraction, mostly to get
      	caching, but at some point we might want to be able to use a
      	different database.
      	* bus/dispatch.c (bus_dispatch_sha1_test): add a test that uses
      	SHA1 conf file to test the sha1 auth mechanism, since the regular
      	test always uses EXTERNAL when available.
      	* configure.in,
      	add conf file that requires use of sha1 auth
  19. 25 Mar, 2003 1 commit
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2003-03-24 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · ce4fd314
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* dbus/dbus-sysdeps.c (_dbus_set_fd_nonblocking): move to this
      	* dbus/dbus-errors.c (dbus_set_error, dbus_set_error_const): allow
      	NULL argument for "message" if the error is a well-known one,
      	fill in a generic message in this case.
      	* dbus/dbus-errors.h (DBusResultCode): Kill DBusResultCode in
      	favor of DBusError
      	* bus/test.c (bus_test_flush_bus): add
      	* bus/policy.c (bus_policy_test): test code stub
  20. 15 Mar, 2003 1 commit
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2003-03-14 Havoc Pennington <hp@pobox.com> · 169238e9
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* bus/dispatch.c (bus_dispatch_test): do test using debug-pipe
      	transport, tests more of the real codepath. Set up clients
      	with bus_setup_debug_client.
      	* bus/test.c (bus_setup_debug_client): function to set up debug
      	"clients" on the main loop
      	* dbus/dbus-transport.c (_dbus_transport_open): add debug-pipe
      	* dbus/dbus-server.c (dbus_server_listen): add debug-pipe
      	server type
      	* dbus/dbus-server-debug.c: support a debug server based on pipes
      	* dbus/dbus-sysdeps.c (_dbus_full_duplex_pipe): new function
      	(_dbus_close): new function
      	* configure.in: check for socketpair
  21. 28 Jan, 2003 1 commit
    • Anders Carlsson's avatar
      2003-01-28 Anders Carlsson <set EMAIL_ADDRESS environment variable> · dec1fa3b
      Anders Carlsson authored
      	* dbus/dbus-connection-internal.h:
      	* dbus/dbus-connection.c: (_dbus_connection_add_timeout),
      	Add functions for adding and removing timeouts.
      	* dbus/dbus-message.c: (dbus_message_new_from_message):
      	Add new function that takes a message and creates an exact
      	copy of it, but with the refcount set to 1.
      	Fix build error.
      	* dbus/dbus-server-protected.h:
      	* dbus/dbus-server.c: (_dbus_server_init_base),
      	(_dbus_server_finalize_base), (_dbus_server_add_timeout),
      	New functions so that a server can add and remove timeouts.
      	Add commented out call to dbus_server_debug_new.
      	* dbus/dbus-timeout.c: (_dbus_timeout_new):
      	Actually set the handler, doh.
      	* dbus/dbus-transport.c: (_dbus_transport_open):
      	Add commented out call to dbus_transport_debug_client_new.
      	* dbus/Makefile.am:
      	Add dbus-transport-debug.[ch] and dbus-server-debug.[ch]
  22. 25 Nov, 2002 1 commit
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2002-11-24 Havoc Pennington <hp@pobox.com> · 041b0767
      Havoc Pennington authored
              * test/echo-client.c, test/echo-server.c: cheesy test
      	* configure.in (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): check for writev
      	* dbus/dbus-message.c (_dbus_message_get_network_data): new
      	* dbus/dbus-list.c (_dbus_list_foreach): new function
      	* dbus/dbus-internals.c (_dbus_verbose): new function
      	* dbus/dbus-server.c, dbus/dbus-server.h: public object
      	representing a server that listens for connections.
      	* dbus/.cvsignore: create
      	* dbus/dbus-errors.h, dbus/dbus-errors.c:
      	public API for reporting errors
      	* dbus/dbus-connection.h, dbus/dbus-connection.c:
      	public object representing a connection that
      	sends/receives messages. (Same object used for
      	both client and server.)
      	* dbus/dbus-transport.h, dbus/dbus-transport.c:
      	Basic abstraction for different kinds of stream
      	that we might read/write messages from.
  23. 23 Nov, 2002 1 commit
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2002-11-23 Havoc Pennington <hp@pobox.com> · 1428c65e
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* configure.in: pile on more warning flags if using gcc
      	* Doxyfile.in (EXTRACT_STATIC): set to NO, so we don't have
      	to document static functions
      	* configure.in: add summary to end of configure so it
      	looks nice and attractive
      	* dbus/dbus-hash.c: finish implementation and write unit
      	tests and docs
      	* configure.in: add --enable-tests to enable unit tests
      	* dbus/dbus-test.c: test program to run unit tests
      	for all files in dbus/*, initially runs a test for
      	* dbus/dbus-internals.h: file to hold some internal utility stuff
  24. 22 Nov, 2002 3 commits
  25. 21 Nov, 2002 3 commits
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2002-11-21 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · 5a6adeee
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* dbus/Makefile.am (INCLUDES): define DBUS_COMPILATION
      	so we can allow ourselves to include files directly,
      	instead of having to use dbus.h
      	* dbus/dbus.h: fill in
      	* dbus/dbus-message.h: sketch out a sample header file.
      	Include griping if you include it directly instead of
      	via dbus.h
      	* dbus/dbus-macros.h: new file with macros for extern "C",
      	TRUE/FALSE, NULL, etc.
      	* doc/file-boilerplate.c: put include guards in here
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2002-11-21 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · 89161753
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* doc/file-boilerplate.c: include both AFL and GPL boilerplate.
      	* COPYING: include the GPL as well, and license code
      	under both AFL and GPL.
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      add file-boilerplate.c · f6343e58
      Havoc Pennington authored