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    • Simon McVittie's avatar
      Consistently save and restore errno · c7fdbe77
      Simon McVittie authored
      Some functions in dbus-transport-socket.c make a (wrapped)
      socket syscall, then call other APIs, then test the result and
      errno of the socket syscall.
      This would break horribly if those "other APIs" overwrote errno with
      their own value (... and this is part of why errno is an awful API).
      Notably, if running under DBUS_VERBOSE, _dbus_verbose() is basically
      fprintf(), which sets errno; and our Unix fd-passing support
      makes calls of the form _dbus_verbose ("Read/wrote %i unix fds\n", n)
      between the syscall and the result processing.
      Maybe one day we'll convert all of dbus' syscall wrappers to either
      raise a DBusError, or use the "negative errno" convention that systemd
      borrowed from the Linux kernel, and in particular, we would need to
      do that if we ever ported it to a platform where socket error reporting
      was not basically errno. However, in practice everyone uses something
      derived from BSD sockets, so "this sets errno, you know what errno is"
      is a good enough internal API if we make sure to use it correctly.
      Nothing calls _dbus_get_is_errno_nonzero(), so I just removed it instead
      of converting it to the new calling convention.
      Bug: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=83625
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    • Simon McVittie's avatar
      Revert all changes since a36d4918 · 5df8c3db
      Simon McVittie authored
      Someone seems to have merged part of master into 1.4. Again. Let's go
      back to the "last known good" point (the branch-point of some 1.4
      branches I had locally), then we can cherry-pick the changes that
      should have gone in.
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    • Colin Walters's avatar
      Make dbus-uuidgen atomic · 45d53565
      Colin Walters authored
      A Red Hat QA engineer hit in practice a race condition in dbus-uuidgen
      where it could leave an empty file.
      dbus-uuidgen (_dbus_create_uuid_file_exclusively) formerly created an
      empty file in the path to the uuid, then filled it in.  At some point,
      the internal libdbus _dbus_string_save_to_file became atomic on Unix
      at least (doing the save to temp file, fsync(), rename() dance).
      So _dbus_create_uuid_file_exclusively doesn't need to create the file
      beforehand anymore.  However, it *does* need the file to be
      world-readable, unlike all other consumers of
      _dbus_string_save_to_file.  So add a "world_readable" argument.
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    • Tor Lillqvist's avatar
      Avoid warnings on Windows · 459c19b9
      Tor Lillqvist authored
      Remove unused functions, or put in #if 0 if potentially useful. Make
      internal functions used just in one file static. Use -Werror after all
      also on Windows. Construct the installation root from the location of
      the dbus DLL, not from the location of the program .exe of the
    • Tor Lillqvist's avatar
      Don't use DBUS_DIR_SEPARATOR · 99371721
      Tor Lillqvist authored
      I didn't cherry-pick the commit from dbus4win that introduced
      DBUS_DIR_SEPARATOR, as I think it just uglifies the code with little
      gain. (Forward) slashes work fine on Windows.
    • Frank Osterfeld's avatar
      Fixes to the nonce code · 0617102b
      Frank Osterfeld authored
      Cherry-picked from commit f9bc0f4bd036f6ede5d9850fb0f8587178c85f44 in
      the dbus4win repository, slightly massaged to apply by tml@iki.fi.
    • Frank Osterfeld's avatar
      Add api dox for nonce-tcp · c8f73b36
      Frank Osterfeld authored
      Cherry-picked from commit e7a070db22ed4a84dc04a062255356c9f6c4c9c5 in
      the dbus4win repository, trailing whitespace issues corrected by
    • Frank Osterfeld's avatar
      Fixes to the nonce code · fbd21dd0
      Frank Osterfeld authored
      On Unix, we create a 700 subdir in /tmp only readable by the user, on
      Windows we use the user-specific tmpdir and create the noncefile
      Add NonceFile to abstract this behaviour and to delete the noncefile
      and possibly tmpdir on shutdown.
      Cherry-picked from commit 885f16b90c4f769ae29f432d0ed2a63bb2e4dab8 in
      the dbus4win repository. Fixed to apply and correct whitespace issues
      by tml@iki.fi.
    • Frank Osterfeld's avatar
      Improve error handling in nonce code · b0091cf4
      Frank Osterfeld authored
      Replace errno (from assuan code) by DBusError. Errors are not passed
      through dbus_accept_with_nonce atm, as the original _dbus_accept() has
      no error arg either.
      Cherry-picked from commit 8082e92bb3a6304362e730f8b6e324860e1bb26c in
      the dbus4win repository, edited to apply and fix whitespace issues by
    • Frank Osterfeld's avatar
      Cleanup of nonce code · 25ceeeb6
      Frank Osterfeld authored
      Remove the write_file function and use the existing
      _dbus_string_save_to_file, improve error handling
      Cherry picked from commit 0f7b026d01be7e0fd444cdb56e5f9b7a5137a062 in
      the dbus4win repository. Edited to apply and fix whitespace issues by
    • Frank Osterfeld's avatar
      The current state of the nonce-tcp implementation · 5e2a99c1
      Frank Osterfeld authored
      Merged and cleaned up patch from my [Frank Osterfeld's] local work
      Cherry-picked from commit e2801eca57b2d9e09afd662ed5ef6fc83be73afc and
      edited by tml@iki.fi to make it apply, and fixing whitespace issues.