Commit f94c475b authored by John Palmieri's avatar John Palmieri

* Release 0.36

parent 772cd2a5
2005-08-23 John (J5) Palmieri <>
* Release 0.36
2005-08-23 Colin Walters <>
* test/glib/ Don't multiply-define EXTRA_DIST.
D-BUS 0.36 (23 August 2005)
- Maximum sized of cached messages have been reduced to 10K
- Match rules now allow matching on arguments inside the message
- introspect.xsl XSLT style sheet added for formatting introspection
data into XHTML for analysis
- Python bindings:
- now have working type objects for explicit
- Variant type has been added
- Dictionaries, Variants and Arrays can all be passed the signiture or
type(s) of their children
- the optional timeout= keyword has been added when making method calls
- match on args has been implemented
- a .pth file has been added for dealing with libraries and python files
being in different directories such as in 64bit installs
- various bug fixes
- GLib bindings:
- deeply recursive types now supported
- many symbols are no longer exported as part of the public API
- various memleak and other bug fixes
D-BUS 0.35.2 (17 July 2005)
- Rename Unix Security Context to SELinux Security Context in API
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