Commit ef96f66e authored by John Palmieri's avatar John Palmieri

Released 1.2.1

parent 00ac996e
2008-04-04 John (J5) Palmieri <>
* Released 1.2.1
2008-04-03 John (J5) Palmieri <>
Patch from Sumit <>, comments added
D-Bus 1.2.1 (04 April)
- Due to issues putting the re-licensing effort on hold indefinitely, it has
been decided to move to 1.2.x versioning scheme. Being that 1.1.20 is
considered to also be 1.2.0 and this being the second release in the 1.2.x
stable series we have versioned this release 1.2.1. This release contains a
number of bug fixes identified after 1.1.20.
- compiles under some older versions of glibc
- compiles without X support once again
- fix stuck server grab if dbus-launch is run in an existing D-Bus X session
- various Mac OSX build fixes added
- don't use the broken poll call on Mac OSX
- better checks for linker flag support should allow D-Bus to link under
various linkers
- exit_on_disconnect is set after the connection registers with a bus so we
don't exit if we get a disconnect during the handshake
- dicts now work correctly with dbus-send
- inotify backend is now less aggressive
- pending calls expire correctly
- memleak of uuid when the bus is autolaunched fixed
D-Bus 1.1.20 - "Conisten Water" (27 Febuary)
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