Commit b4fbcb98 authored by Colin Walters's avatar Colin Walters

2005-02-07 Colin Walters <>

	* bus/selinux.c (bus_selinux_allows_send): Handle NULL for
	sender or proposed_recipient.
parent d76937e2
......@@ -470,9 +470,9 @@ bus_selinux_allows_send (DBusConnection *sender,
if (!selinux_enabled)
return TRUE;
if (!dbus_connection_get_unix_process_id (sender, &spid))
if (!sender || !dbus_connection_get_unix_process_id (sender, &spid))
spid = 0;
if (!dbus_connection_get_unix_process_id (proposed_recipient, &tpid))
if (!proposed_recipient || !dbus_connection_get_unix_process_id (proposed_recipient, &tpid))
tpid = 0;
auxdata = dbus_new0 (DBusString, 1);
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