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dbus 1.13.10 (UNRELEASED)
Avoid possible memory corruption in certain DBusHashTableIter use
patterns, which in practice were never used (dbus!44, Simon McVittie)
Avoid a test failure on Linux when built in a container as uid 0, but
without the necessary privileges to increase resource limits
(dbus!58, Debian #908092; Simon McVittie)
Fix test failures in test-syslog and test-sysdeps under Windows
(dbus#238, dbus#243, dbus!61, dbus!62; Simon McVittie)
Tests and CI:
Rewrite Python tests into C to reduce circular dependencies and
facilitate use of AddressSanitizer (dbus!37, Simon McVittie)
Do CI builds in a more minimal environment (dbus!63, Simon McVittie)
dbus 1.13.8 (2018-12-04)
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